Heroic Questing and Stuff

Session One
Arrival in Orlain

Oct. 1 – Oct. 2, 311

Our adventure began at the Rook & Thistle Inn in the port city of Thurlin. As our heroes were meeting up with and introducing one another, Kelly received a strange letter from an old university friend, Adelaine Timmins, (whom Fernando also knows), asking them to come to the small town of Orlain to investigate the strange things that have been happening there.

On the way there the party passed a family leaving town. One of the parents mentioned that he thought the well water was making people sick.

Arriving at Adelaine and her partner Chester’s house, the party found the door slightly ajar. No one was home. Investigating revealed a baby, Finnegan, hidden beneath the loose floorboards of the closet, the closet itself having been hastily stuffed with miscellaneous junk.

They took Finn and went to visit the Golden Grain Inn, leaving him with an elderly woman (who referred to Kelly as “Adelaine’s gnome friend”). The mood in the inn seemed rather sullen, even when Fernando played a tune. However the barkeep seemed to think things in the village were fine and not worth worrying about. When asked, he mentioned that the villagers all worship the agricultural goddess Resher. (They knew that Resher is lawful good and commonly worshipped among agricultural communities.)

Lagoron and Aedra investigated the well. Using detect poison and disease they determined that the water was not poisoned or diseased.

Next the party checked out the temple of Resher and spoke with a young priest. She assured them that things in the town were fine, claiming that while the well water had been making people sick, the head priest, Abramo, had dealt with it and things would be getting back to normal soon. She claimed there was no need for the party to investigate further. They insisted on talking to Abramo. She said he was busy with temple business, but scheduled them an appointment to see him at 10 am the next day. When they mentioned Adelaine’s disappearance, she explained that Adelaine and Chester were just out of town to visit Chester’s sister; she claimed to have spoken to Chester about this a couple days ago. When Aedra claimed to have magically communicated with him more recently then that, she simply sneered and said, “Fine.”

They then entered the Sleepy Serpent Inn, which seemed somewhat livelier than the first inn. The innkeeper seemed concerned about the town, and recommended they talk to the old hermit on the east side of town.

They found the old hermit’s cottage. He introduced himself as Rumani, along with his weasel friend Mister Whiskers. While he seemed distrustful of the group at first, he became more willing to talk after they showed him the letter. He mentioned that while he doesn’t know exactly what’s going on, there’s been a trend of people going missing suddenly: either they don’t return at all, or they come back after a couple days changed, seemingly acting like different people. They convinced Rumani to look after Finn.

Returning to the Golden Grain Inn they retrieved the baby from the elderly woman. They stopped at Adelaine’s house to pick up baby supplies. While there they found more of the same parchment that the letter was written on.

They dropped Finn off with Rumani, and the two seem to take a liking to each other. They decided to spend the night at the Golden Grain Inn.

The Innkeeper explained that a traveler had rented out their larger room, and the all the other rooms were single occupancy. The party insisted on all staying in one room. The innkeeper thought this was weird and tried to dissuade them, but eventually relented and rented them a single room.

Upon entering the room they immediately noticed that there were no windows. Tapping what should have been the exterior wall produced a hollow sound, as if there were another room on the other side. Further investigation revealed the shape of what may be a secret door, but they found no way to open it. Theymoved the nearly empty dresser to block the secret door, and Fernando set a rudimentary trap (oil and a bar of soap) in front of the regular door. They decided who should take which watches and settled in for the night.

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